I hated painting 1 year ago-- So why do I love it now?


The first bunch of paintings were definitely rough, but I think I was on to something. Gradually, without me even realizing at first, I started using the practice of playing around with paint as a therapeutic exercise, and let my feelings come through in the color, the texture, and the movement in the work. Since then, it’s developed into “how” I paint, and I let my style flow and develop freely, experimenting lots within my paintings and learning the strong and weak elements of each one in order to improve.

How Lockdown is Changing my Work as a Neurodivergent Artist


Why Intuitive Art Works (for me)


I never really start out with a sketch or anything these days, and I really like it. I largely prefer to plan nothing, and I find that it almost feels therapeutic in the way it helps me release my emotions.

2021 as an Emerging Artist- I Have Some Thoughts


I've learned a lot about this career in 2020. I wonder where the best place may be to go from here...