2021 as an Emerging Artist- I Have Some Thoughts


2020 was my first year as a post-post-secondary artist. With that in mind, It’s likely not hard to guess that there were some unexpected bumps in the road. It’s hard to say what my year would have looked like had a pandemic not been in store for the world, but I think, all things considered, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished.

As I look into 2021, though, I want to take some time to consider everything I’ve learned in the past year, and how to improve. So far, I;ve managed to decide the priorities I’m starting with.

Thought #1: art is for meeeee

For example, I’ve found great value in exploring media, style, and technique as I get used to life after post secondary, rather than being reluctant to branch out with my work due to a priority in focus. I want to make art that’s beneficial and healing to me first, and let the people who look at it come to their own conclusions. Rather than focusing on what would swell or give me nice exposure, I want to continue making art as my authentic self, just like I did in 2020.

Thought #2: balance is key

I’m also thinking about crafting a balanced, healthy approach to self imposed deadlines without burning myself out. This is something in particular I struggle with, as I tend to overestimate the work I’m able to achieve and don’t notice I’ve run myself into the ground until it’s far too late. I need to work at this every day, but I know my art career will benefit from me learning to take on a comfortable amount of challenge while learning to say no to something that would be a large cost to my mental health.

I know two thoughts is literally the bare minimum for a list of thoughts to have, but I’m focusing on quality over quantity right now. I’m sure things will happen this year that I can’t predict, just like 2020, but I think keeping these at the center of my mind throughout will prove to make me into a better artist as I keep chugging along and trying to find my way.