Erickka Patmore is an emerging multidisciplinary visual artist. She currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, and grew up on a farm by the small town of Pipestone, Manitoba. Erickka holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in visual arts, which she obtained from the University of Regina in April 2020. Erickka has exhibited regionally and online, most recently being featured at the Woods Art Space in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Recently, I’ve been exploring media, colors and composition in an actively intuitive and therapeutic way. This break from extensive pre-planning with my work has helped me with processing the pandemic we find ourselves in, as well as with many pent-up frustrations or worries as I navigate my way through post-secondary life, allowing myself to work and re-work a peice as many times as I need to to get my intentions across. Working this way is also allowing me to continuously develop my style, well beyond what I thought it was as I was exiting my art degree.

Since I’m currently doing a lot of experimentation with my art practice, I don’t yet identify with any one style or medium. That being said, I find myself drawn to bold and bright colors and textures, and this can be seen in varying ways throughout my entire portfolio.