What I'm Working on at the Moment


Today I’m quickly discussing the paintings I am working on and where I plan to go with them at the moment. I’m currently working on two medium sized-ish acrylic paintings. The first one, a 9x12” canvas, is the result of an experiment where I dipped saran wrap in fluid acrylic paint and pressed it onto the surface of the canvas randomly. After that, I looked for any shapes I could make out in the resulting scribble and added to it freely from there. Before long, I realized I could make a landscape piece with rock work as the main subject in the foreground, something that I’ve been interested in practicing more anyways. At the moment, most of the basic shapes are mapped out in the composition, and from here I want to focus on adding layers and detail to everything as well as add to the variety of colour throughout. I won’t rush, but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

The other painting I have on the go is an acrylic piece on a 12x24” canvas. This is a portrait and I’ve been trying to challenge myself with colours I usually avoid when painting being big parts of the palette. I’d say it’s going pretty well, but there’s still a long way to go, as I’d like to add some animals as well as add detail to the character’s face and the background. I’m trying to use both of these paintings to explore and practice the two subjects I mentioned in the last thing I wrote: landscape and animals. I’m looking forward to finishing these!